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Welcome To Emaculate Cleaning Institute

Emacworld is a multi facet cleaning organization that includes; services, life skill education, protocols creation, training, certifications, and extensive information in giving aid to cleaning professionals. "We are the worlds’ 1st clean, health, and awareness solution for perfecting the corporate as well as private needs in the cleaning industry, by which we are fostering greater cleaning and health knowledge and the development of certifications to cleaning professionals.

As the world enters the 21st century, the world’s health crisis is reaching epidemic status due to poor sanitization in almost every cleaning industry throughout the world. Emaworld is your launching pad to obtaining knowledge, training, and professionalism in the cleaning industry. Emaculate Cleaning Service LLC is the foundation of Emacworld’s multiple organizations. Emaculate Cleaning Systems is the protocol creative approach to individualized standards in a particular cleaning industries (i.e. Hotel, food), and Emaculate Cleaning Institute for Cleaning Professionals (ECICP) is the web institution designed to give cleaning professionals their training and educational expertise to obtain a certification in a cleaning profession. We are Emacworld…. the world’s first and only professional and progressive organization dedicated to providing the highest quality of cleaning education, training, certifications, and professionals for today’s consumers, families, and industries.  We are the worlds only representative body that certifies cleaning professionals and we speaks with authority on behalf of enterprises and industries from all sectors in every part of the world to obtain safety for their customers and their families by obtaining trained certified cleaning professionals through ECICP.

Welcome to Emac World Home of Emaculate Cleaning Systems

Emacworld is the voice of our worlds clean health practices, championing the global economy as a force for certification, training education, and protocol creation in the cleaning industry, for better health, safer public facilities, job creation and prosperity for individuals, families, and industries.

Emaculate Cleaning Institute for Cleaning Professionals (ECICP) is the worlds first educational institution that offers certifications and training for professionals in the cleaning industry.

ECICP also offers several life skills classes to non-professionals. These class will provide young and older learners with a certificate in basic cleaning education that will prepare them for a healthier life. Students may receive some light hands on training and demonstrate learned skills for completion of this class

After completion of class ECICP non-professional students will receive a certificate as an Sanitech (sanitation technicians ). They are better prepared and more knowledgeable about healthy living.

What's Avaliable Now

Professional Courses Avaliable Now

Home Cleaning Business Certification
Jantorial Business Certification
Industry Training & Group Education
Work Shops & Group Educational Training

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